Taking stock

I’m sure anyone reading this blog will be aware that I’m currently in the process of building a replacement Abyssals army in preparation for Lonewolf GT. I’m a bit pressed for time.

I, and Paul, depart for Texas on the 24th April. It is now the 16th March. I have just over a month to finish the army, to a better standard than I’ve ever finished an army before. It’ll be a photo finish.

I’ve been keeping track of my progress and task list in a spreadsheet. Surprisingly some people think that a simple table with a few conditional formatting rules takes an extreme length of time…

Here’s how it currently stands right now:

A month to go and there’s still a scary amount of red on there, but it’s not as bad as it initially looks. A lot of that red is for the same task – basing. Actual building and painting of minis? Not so much left to do.

Next weekend on the 31st March, we’re planning on running a Lonepuppy “tournament” (which is a fancy way of saying that we want practice so we’re getting a bunch of guys and gals together for a day of gaming under Lonewolf rules). We don’t need to have fully painted armies, which is good because I definitely won’t be done by then, but I do need to have the bases there so I can play.

So. This weekend. I have it to myself and it’s a hobby weekend. There are three objectives for this weekend:

  1. Finish painting the 2nd Horsemen Regiment
  2. Build and paint the bases
  3. Attach completed units to the bases.

The bases are obviously the biggest win here, but I’m actually quite confident I can get them done. A day to build and a day to paint is more than do-able.

If I can get those objectives met, then this is what my spreadsheet will look like before I go to bed on Sunday:

THAT will be a massive leap forwards, leaving me with just a few units to finish.

Objective Markers

The objective markers should be a fairly quick win soon after.

I sculpted my army logo in 3D in Blender:

I did a few test prints using my 3D printer but wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the print. The model is fine, but my printer just can’t handle the required level of detail. Instead I decided to send it off to be professionally printed via 3DHubs.com.

All 7 have been printed with a resin printer and have been dispatched. They may turn up tomorrow. If so, that could be another line turning green over the weekend.

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