Northern Kings

We run Kings of War tournaments.

The four of us decided in early 2018 to form a group that would run events for Kings of War. We wanted to see more events in our region, north England, but individually we were hesitant to run them.

You see, when you run tournaments you become the tournament runner. You don’t get to play in tournaments* because you’re running them all. Running a tournament is satisfying, but the four of us do like playing in tournaments as well, so none of us wanted to start running them for fear of not being able to play.

So, we decided to run events as a group. One of us would be the tournament organiser, one of us would be the standby player and the other two could play as fully paid up members. We would rotate the roles between us at each event, depending on our availability.

Having four of us in the group means that we can share preparation work too. I tend to handle our documents and graphics, Elliot handles the finances, Tom and Adam handle contacting suppliers etc. Sharing the organisation like this takes a lot of stress away, especially knowing that if you’re too busy to sit down and sort something out then one of the other guys can handle it for you.

*There’s always a debate about whether a TO should play in their own event or not. I’m of the opinion that they shouldn’t. It’s certainly easier to carry out all the admin work if you’re not playing and there’s no question of impartiality. You do find yourself twiddling thumbs for quite a bit of the day (there are only so many social media posts you can make) but I do think the downtime for admin work is needed sometimes.

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