Terrain is the third army on the table, so why is it neglected?

Wargamers will spend days, weeks and months lovingly crafting an army for their game of choice. They will spend hours researching colour schemes, painting techniques, fluff and seek to get the best deal on miniatures they can. They will then spend many evenings stooped in front of the television applying layer after layer of paint … Continue reading Terrain is the third army on the table, so why is it neglected?


Terrain tutorials are a fantastic thing. There are many excellent written tutorials and youtube tutorials for any subject, such as those made by The Terrain Tutor or Luke's APS. These guys put out some incredible content covering a wide range of skills and they make some excellent terrain. I find the problem with terrain tutorials in general is … Continue reading Introduction

Flat hill

There are two basic types of hills in wargaming, flat or stepped hills and tapered hills. Flat hills are simply flat raised areas while tapered hills are sloped. There are positives and negatives to both varieties. Flat hills clearly mark where a hill starts and stops in-game and models on top aren't in danger of … Continue reading Flat hill


This is going to be another very quick build. Like with the previous rocky terrain, these forests each consist of two parts - a reference base and a decorative base. The reference base is entirely flat and marks the actual in-game location of the terrain piece, while the decorative base sits on top. If a … Continue reading Forests