This is going to be another very quick build. Like with the previous rocky terrain, these forests each consist of two parts – a reference base and a decorative base. The reference base is entirely flat and marks the actual in-game location of the terrain piece, while the decorative base sits on top. If a unit moves into the forest, or the decoration gets in the way for whatever reason, you can just move the decoration to the side temporarily and the reference base still shows the in-game position.

You will need the model trees, some 3mm MDF, superglue and your basing materials.

You ideally want around 3-4, if not more, trees on a base. In this case I went with 15 trees split amongst 3 bases, although the trees I’m using are fairly small. A box of 10 medium-large trees split on 3 bases still looks great, but it depends on how dense you want your forest to look.

1. Make the bases

As before, make the bases out of the MDF. First draw and cut out the decorative bases, then draw around them with a 10-20mm gap for the reference bases.

Make sure you number or otherwise label your bases so you remember which one goes with which.

2. De-root the trees

If you just stick the trees down onto the bases as they are, you’ll find it difficult to avoid getting paint and glue on them when it comes to painting and flocking the piece. If you leave it til the end to stick the trees down, it becomes a pain to get them to stick to sand.

Luckily, it’s easy enough to separate the trees from their plastic stem and roots:

Do this for all the trees and put the actual foliage parts back in the bag or box until you’ve finished painting and flocking the bases.

3. Stick the roots down

Stick the plastic roots down onto your decorative bases with superglue. Wait for it to dry before texturing your bases, remembering to keep the texturing on the reference bases fairly flat.

And that’s it. Remember to seal them with a coat of watered down PVA, but put them to the side until we’ve finished building the rest of the set. Next up – a hill!

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