Universal Battle Dice Dashboard

For those who know what it is, here is the download.

For those who don’t know, I’ve written an Excel dashboard which takes a chatlog from Universal Battle and displays the dice statistics:

This allows you to truly see if one player rolled particularly hot during a game but you’ll often be surprised at just how close things are. Last night I was contacted by a friend who asked me to put an apparently hilariously lop-sided game into the dashboard and demonstrate how skewed the dice results were.

They were nearly identical.

It’s going to make a great follow up article on confirmation bias.

One thing that the calculator can’t do is pick out the key dice rolls. In Kings of War it can’t even pick out nerve tests as opposed to any other roll that has 2xD6. Some players do try to say something like “Ne” or “Nerve” before a nerve test in the chat, but this isn’t consistent so can’t objectively be pulled out. If you really want to analyse those then you can use this spreadsheet as a method of cleaning up the chat log, and then you can manually pull out the pivotal rolls for analysis.

Updating the Dashboard

In the spreadsheet you will find 3 tabs – Instructions, Data and Dashboard.

Just follow the instructions in the Instructions tab:

How to copy chat from Universal Battle
Go to the Data tab in this spreadsheet.
Delete out the log in column M by selecting the column and pressing Delete on your keyboard.
Observe or play a UB game from start to finish using the Windows or Mobile App, not the web client.
After the game has finished, go to the options (cog button on the left hand toolbar) in the game screen.
Press the Copy Chat button
Go back to the Data tab in this spreadsheet
Paste into column M in row 2, immediately below the heading.
Scroll to the end of the table in the Data tab
The formulas should have copied all the way down.
If they haven’t, for whatever reason, find out where they stopped and then copy them down the rest of the way.

From here the Dashboard tab will be updated to give the results and comparisons.

Requirements & Support

The spreadsheet was written in Excel 365, but as far as I’m aware there’s nothing in it that will stop it working on older versions.

There are no macros in the file.

Support is… not really given. The file is there. If you want to use it, use it. If I see someone struggling for whatever reason then I’ll respond to their message if I can but I don’t want to offer any guarantee of support.

Further Development

Unless anyone uncovers any problems with the calculations or suggests and amazing new metric that can be compared then I don’t intend to provide any updated versions going forward.

If you want to further develop it, go right ahead. Permission is fully granted to do whatever you like with it. Please credit me with the original if you can, but it’s not like I’m going to sue you if you don’t.

I never, ever want anyone to charge any money for any subsequent developments. Again, it’s not like I’m going to sue anyone if they do, but know that anyone who does that most certainly does not have my blessing.


Download here:


Do not blame the dice

Don’t blame the dice if you lost a game. Or do. It’s a free internet. We’ll just laugh at you if you do.

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