Kill Tank scratchbuild Part 1: The Plan

I want an Ork Kill Tank. However, I don’t like the Forgeworld design.

That’s not to say I don’t think it’s a great kit, because it certainly looks like it (never built/assembled one myself), but I’m really not keen on the overall shape or design of it. It’s very much like the GW Battlewagon kit. I appreciate it as a good kit in itself, with great details and a mountain of bits but I do not like the design of it. When it was first shown, many people compared it to a steam train and I’m very much in agreement. I much prefer the classic Forgeworld Battlewagon design.

Forgeworld Battlewagon by Nightserpent. Grabbed from’s Battlewagon FAQ.

I’ve built my Battlewagon’s to reflect the old Forgeworld design, while incorporating the elements from the GW kit that I like, such as the cab and deffrolla.

Now. I want a Kill Tank. It needs to be slightly bigger than my Battlewagons since it has 10 more wounds in-game. It needs to be carrying a big stonking gun (preferably magnetised so I can swap it out with the killbursta variant). I want it to look like it fits in with the rest of my army’s design. 

I basically want to make a variant of the old Forgeworld Battlefortress, only instead of 3 turrets it has a big honking gun sticking out the front instead:

Forgeworld Battlefortress by Redbeard. Sourced from Dakka (click image to visit).

I’m not going to start out with detailed plans, just a vague idea to build something like the picture above and that’s bigger than my current battlewagons. I’ll be using parts from a GW kit as before, combined with some 1/35 scale King Tiger tank tracks and some 3D printed elements (that will be used appropriately – i.e. not immediately obvious that they’re 3D printed).

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