About Me

Who likes describing themselves? To quote myself;

I don’t like to describe myself

Sadly, here we are. Now we all have to suffer through it.

I’m a rapidly approaching almost middle age guy who helps to develop a little tabletop game called Kings of War. It’s rather neat. You should check it out.

Of course, that’s just one of the many boring aspects of me! I work in data analysis & presentation. I like bullet point summaries.

  • I play Kings of War. Rather a lot.
  • I like painting toy soldiers.
  • I enjoy Lindy Hop/Swing dancing
  • My house is full of ukuleles
  • It’s also home to my cat, Mr Bond, and dog, Milo. They don’t get along.
  • I’ve become a fan of travelling over the last year, including two trips to overseas tournaments in Minnesota and Brno, Czech Republic.

If you want to drop me a line, it’s nickjwilliams1987@gmail.com.

While in the USA, why not visit Canada as well?